• 8 video channels

  • 16 digital channels

  • 4+ serial channels

  • Compatible with most industry subsystems and sensors.

  • Active Playback option allows simulation from recorded files or script developed files.

The DataLogger is a data collection system developed in response to the challenges presented in assuring toll system accuracy in the face of increasing technical complexity. The DataLogger allows system testing & verification under actual operational conditions, the most advanced data collection and analysis tool in the industry.

The diagram below depicts a typical application, monitoring several data elements:

  • Light curtain - digital
  • Treadle strip - digital
  • Infrared beam - digital
  • AVI Reader - serial
  • Lane image - video

During playback, all data elements are displayed in a time synchronized fashion.  Video in the upper left, serial data in the upper right, and digital data in the lower strip chart.