Client reactions...

"THANKS FOR THE DATA LOGGER!!!! This would have taken me 2 days to sort out it took 1/2 hour!"

- Toll System Maintenance Supervisor
  SR-91 Express Lanes, Orange County California

RapidToll Systems provides development, test and audit systems and services to the Toll & Transportation industry. Founded by Robert Combs in 1998, we have developed unique tools and experience to support the development, commissioning, and maintenance of toll collection systems.

Depending on project needs, we work directly with Systems Integrators to assist in system development and commissioning and/or with Toll Agencies that require an independent accounting of system performance. Our focus on detailed, accurate and independent evaluations is directly responsible for the excellent reputation we have in the industry.

Systems Integrators

Some of the systems integrators we have supported in their development of toll collection systems:

  • TransCore

  • SIRIT Technologies Inc.

  • Idea Integration Inc.

  • Caseta Technologies

  • Cofiroute Global Mobility

  • Dinformatica del Noroeste

Engineers and Consultants

Engineering and consulting firms that have utilized RapidToll products and services in the evaluation of systems for their clients:

  • Parsons Brinckerhoff

  • Wilbur Smith Associates

Toll System Testing

Toll systems where we have implemented our data collection and evaluation techniques:

  • Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) - New York    

  • Crescent City Connection (CCCD) - New Orleans, La      

  • Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (ISTHA)

  • Tobin Memorial Bridge (Massport) - Massachusetts

  • Garden State Parkway (NJHA) - New Jersey  

  • New Jersey Turnpike I95 (NJTA) New Jersey              

  • Delaware I95  (DelDOT) Delaware

  • Oklahoma Turnpike Authority  (OTA)

  • 91 Express Lanes  (OCTA SR91) Califorina